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Rimmel Kate Sculpting Kit

Rimmel recently launched new products in the beginning of summer. and I was able to finally get my hands on one of the products. After multiple stops to my local drugstores and seeing it sold out, I was able to get the Rimmel Kate Sculpting Kit in 002 Coral Glow. It retails for $6.99 and comes with a highlighter, bronzer, and blusher.


I actually really enjoy the packaging. It’s spacious enough so that my brushes can fit at ease. The pigments don’t get mixed up with each other due to the border- making everything less messy.

The pigments itself is very smooth and easy to blend. But what I have noticed about this kit is that all the pigments have shimmers in it, which is perfect for summer since it’ll give a subtle glow to the skin. I’ve also used these shades on my eyelids, and it works perfectly! The product glides and blends nicely on the skin, and most importantly, it doesn’t look cakey at all.

Compared to the PONY Effect Contour kit, I feel like this kit is a nice alternative. It has a wider range of selection with different skin tones.


As you can see, this kit is suitable for all skin types. I feel like with this palette, all the shades will look great on every skin type (besides the contour). I really love Rimmel as a brand, but they really nailed it with this kit, and it’s so affordable!

Rate: 8.5/10


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