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If you aren’t familiar with Colourpop, it is a fairly new makeup brand that recently turned two. Siblings Laura and John Nelson, the founders of Colourpop, marketed their products differently than most makeup brands- through social media and they have almost 3 million followers on Instagram. Their brand caught the eye of many, due to their Ultra Matte Lips that mimics the Kylie Jenner lips that many people adore. Because of the positive feedbacks, I decided to test out their products for the first time after their collaboration with one of my favorite Youtubers, Jenn Im.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.41.14 PM

I purchased four lip products with two free minis:

  • Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park -$6
  • Ultra Satin Lip in Dohee (Jenn Im x Colourpop) – $6
  • Ultra Matte Lip in Donut – $6
  • Lippie Stix in Jenneration X (Jenn Im x Colourpop) -$6
  • Ultra Glossy Lip Mini in Piranha – Free
  • Ultra Glossy Lip Mini in Tokyo Tea – Free

Let’s get started with the lippie stix. The product itself looks like a larger version of the automatic lip liners and applies almost the same. Because it’s very pigmented, you will need to be very precise when applying the lippie stix, however, it’s fairly easy to apply. It does give off a matte finish, has little to no transfer once it completely dries, and feels as if there’s nothing on the lips. I think this has to be one of my new favorite discovery and lip product.

The ultra matte lip, oh my gosh, I really wanted to like this product! Out of all products, I think this one disappointed me or maybe it’s because my lips can not handle the dryness. I applied one coat, noticed that it was a bit streaky when I was applying it, and waited for it to dry completely. But, dang, it made my lips feel so uncomfortable. My cracks and dryness were so noticeable and it became uncomfortable to move my lips and talk, since it felt so dry. The product itself is a matte finish- literally matte. It’s lightweight, but sucks the moisture out of my lips!  It’s opaque, doesn’t transfer, but like any complete matte lipstick, it made my lips look extra dry. Let me tell you, you do need to exfoliate your lips and make sure that it’s baby smooth, let me emphasize BABY SMOOTH. But if you really want a liquid lipstick that does it’s job, I do recommend this one, because it does not transfer or budge at all. However, I’m honestly not a big fan of this product, because on my lips, it clumped together and kept cracking. 😦  ** you will see this in the picture below**

The ultra satin lips are similar to the ultra matte lips, but it doesn’t completely dry to a matte finish, which I prefer. It feels like the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick on the lips. It still transfers, but don’t get me wrong. Even though it transfers, the liquid lipstick is still very vibrant on the lips. It doesn’t dry my lips, and I feel like it gives a smoother, velvety finish. It doesn’t perform as well as the NYX cream lipstick though. It bunches up together on my lips.

I enjoyed the glossy minis as well. It doesn’t feel tacky and doesn’t bother me as much as other lip glosses. I am not a lip gloss fan, but I actually like these. The way it feels on the lips is similar to the NYX Butter Gloss and it’s pretty pigmented for a lip gloss. I really enjoy pairing Jenneration X with Tokyo Tea to give a bit more moisture and shine to the lips.


Aside from the lip products, I got two of their Super Shock eyeshadows from Jenn Im’s collaboration with Colourpop- Un and Deux- which were both $5 each.

When I swatched these shadows, I think I fell in love. They are so buttery, creamy, smooth, and pigmented! I have never felt a eyeshadow as creamy as this; it’s literally creamy. I don’t know how Colourpop managed to create an eyeshadow as amazing as this, but I’ll like to thank them, because it’s magical. It blends very well and stays on my eyelids for the whole day. I’m not even exaggerating.


  • Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park – 7/10
  • Ultra Satin Lip in Dohee (Jenn Im x Colourpop) – 7/10
  • Ultra Matte Lip in Donut – 5/10
  • Lippie Stix in Jenneration X (Jenn Im x Colourpop) – 7.5/10
  • Ultra Glossy Lip Mini in Piranha – 6.5/10
  • Ultra Glossy Lip Mini in Tokyo Tea – 6.8/10
  • Super Shock Eyeshadow in Un – 9/10
  • Super Shock Eyeshadow in Deux – 9/10

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