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Em Cosmetics- Artistic Cheek Color Palette

Being a Michelle Phan fan ever since I was in middle school, I was so excited when she launched her own cosmetic line- Em Cosmetics. About three years later, I finally have my hands on one of her products. The Shade Play Artistic Cheek Color Palette retails for $28 on Ipsy sent me this product as a gift for being a part of their subscription service, so I did get it for free. But as always, this is my honest opinion.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.40.59 PM

The palette I got was in the shade Rosy Baby. It comes with a bronzing/contour shade, a blush, and a small brush. I personally do not like the brush; it’s soft but I prefer using my E.L.F tapered brush. With the E.L.F brush, I feel like it gives me control and makes the contour shade look more natural and blends it evenly on my skin.


It works well with my skin tone (NC 25-30) and looks very natural on the skin. As you can see, it doesn’t look too gray or red, which I really enjoy. However, the blush is very pigmented- too pigmented for my liking. With this product, I noticed that I have to be very careful with the brush and use a very light hand or else I will look like a tomato! The color itself is a rosy pink and has a sheen to it. It gives the same flush as a doll and is perfect for a dolly look.

Overall thoughts?

Being an incoming college student with debts already waiting for me, I do not think this palette is worth the $28. I think the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Kit is a bigger bang for the buck. This palette is about 4x the price of the palette, and the Kate sculpting kit comes with a highlighter, like yes please! If you haven’t read my review about the Kate sculpting kit, it will be here. But honestly, I think this palette is just okay. I don’t dislike it, but I find that I reach for my Rimmel and Pony Effect kits more often. Although Pony’s contour kit is more expensive, for about $4 more, you’ll be able to get a brightener and a highlighter so I tend to lean towards it.


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