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My Go to Foundation

Summer is so hot where I live, and because of this, I prefer light weight foundations; the “my skin but better” foundations. During this hot and humid weather, I tend to reach for one foundation- my handy dandy Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in #27 Honey Beige (I’m a NC 25-30 for reference). It’s a bit darker than my skin tone, but I can work with it!  It retails for $22 on, but I found some on Amazon for $10-15 depending on your skin color (the darker skin tones tend to cost more).


This BB cream gives a medium to full coverage and feels very light on the skin, which is why I tend to use the term BB cream and foundation interchangeably. It comes in a tube like form but has a pump- making it a lot easier to get the actual product. According to Missha, it claims to have: excellent coverage, dark circle correction, anti aging, lightweight, and UV protection. I don’t know if the anti aging properties are working, but I can tell you that the other four claims are true. It does give amazing coverage, corrects my dark circles, and is super lightweight. With the UV protection, it does give an extra SPF 42 and PA+++ which goes on top of my sunscreen so double the protection! YAY!

As if that doesn’t sound amazing, it also has five skin loving ingredients!

  • Camomille Extract: Soothes the skin
  • Rosemary Extract: Soothes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Ceramide: Moisture retention
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Intense Hydration
  • Gatuline RC: Strengthens

The product itself is very creamy and kind of serumy like. It blends very easily on the skin. I usually use a puff, but honestly, you can just use your hands. It’s that easy.

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Without anything, my bare face has a lot of redness. If you do a side by side comparison, you will see that this bb cream does a really good job at covering the redness. It makes my skin look a lot smoother and even. I tend to mix half a pump of the bb cream with a drop of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil to give my skin an extra umph of hydration and glow to the skin since it is a matte finish bb cream, and I found that to be the perfect combination for my skin. But when I use it on its own, I notice that it does not dry out my skin at all.

Even though it gives good coverage, it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my skin. It’s so light weight, and even when I sweat, it still stays in place, besides my forehead, because I sweat like crazy and my forehead takes all the heat😣. But for me, that’s normal with  foundations, since I always wipe my sweat which carries the foundation. However, I really love this bb cream, because it does not cake up and looks really good by itself. It doesn’t fully cover my bigger blemishes, but I love how it makes it look muted. On lazy days, I would just wear this bb cream, fill in my eyebrows, and call it a day.

Overall thoughts?

If you are able to find a shade that fits your skin tone, definitely try it out. I’ve been using this for almost a year and it is so amazing. It’s light weight and doesn’t make your skin look cakey. It gives it a healthy glow and covers redness and dark circles really well. I always use this bb cream and found that it works better than other foundations at Sephora. And, being a Korean brand, you better believe that they add some amazing ingredients that the skin will love!



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