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Sigma Premium Brush Kit Dupe!

Brushes are so expensive nowadays. One decent brush is at least $10 and will cost even more if you want a higher end brush. Because of this, I’ve been doing research about cheaper alternatives that gets the job done. The brush set that I have been loving for almost a year is the Jessup make up brushes- which many have compared to Sigma brushes.


This Jessup brush set is from Ebay and costed me about $19 with free shipping. The thing with Jessup brushes is that you have to make sure that you buy it from a certified seller, because there are people selling fake Jessup brushes that are poorly made (broken handles, sheds like crazy after washing, brushes aren’t soft, etc). The seller I purchased it from is misskingdom001 and this is my second brush purchase from this seller and they did not disappoint me. My package came earlier than the expected date and this happened with both of my purchases- literally came in 3-4 days. Okay, let’s get to the brushes.

This brush set comes with 15 brushes (8 face, 6 eye, 1 lip) that all come with wood handles and varies from synthetic to wool:

Face Brushes

  • Large powder – Synthetic
  • Powder/blush – Synthetic
  • Tapered Face – Synthetic
  • Duo fibre powder/blush – Synthetic
  • Tapered highlighter – Synthetic
  • Large fluff – Synthetic
  • Large concealer – Synthetic
  • Concealer – Synthetic

Eye Brushes

  • Small eyeliner – Synthetic
  • Tapered blending – Wool
  • Small tapered blending – Synthetic
  • Blending – Wool
  • Short shader – Synthetic
  • Flat definer – Synthetic


  • Lip – Synthetic

As you can see, this set comes with everything you need. It is very soft, but it isn’t flimsy (referring to the wet and wild crease brush). The brushes are comfortable to hold, and the brushes themselves remain in good condition even after multiple washing (you’ll see below). The brushes doesn’t lose its softness (depending on how you wash them though!). The first time I washed them, they were good as new, but the second time I mixed more oil than soap, so it was a bit stiff. However, after another wash, they were good as new.


If you didn’t believe me when I say I have been using this brush set for almost a year, here’s some proof for you! The white ones are the newly purchased brush set that I got for my sister, and the black ones are mine. You can see that they are DIRTY, which is why I wanted to use hers for the purpose of this blog post. Nonetheless, they are still in AMAZING condition. I have experienced minimal shedding and none of the handles are wobbly!

Let’s compare this to the Sigma Premium Brush Kit:

I personally do not own any Sigma brushes, but I have friends who do and have actually tried and felt their brushes.


So this is the Sigma Premium Brush Kit (I got this photo from the Sigma site). Looks familiar doesn’t it? This retails for $219 without TAX! Uhm, what? This set comes with 15 brushes as well for the face, eyes, and lip. Looking at this set, it does look pretty much like the Jessup one right? But one is a fraction of the cost! Let’s insert a Jessup picture below to compare:


The only major difference that I see between the two is that Sigma’s tapered face brush is more tapered- but other than that everything looks similar. As I compared my friends brush with mine, Sigma’s is a slight bit softer- that’s it. It’s a slight bit softer, just by a little bit. With these Sigma brushes, my friend’s brush handle got a bit wobbly and did experience some shedding. Nothing too big, but these brushes experienced some shedding, but the handle has not gotten loose after multiple washing.

Overall thoughts?

If you’re on a budget or if you’re not on a budget, I would still recommend these brushes. They are great at blending, soft, and are beautifully made. They’re super affordable at $19 for the whole set. If you think about it, they’re a bit more than a dollar per brush- like yes please! Not only are they super affordable, the quality is not cheap at all! They feel and look like high end brushes. The 15 piece kit that I got comes in different colors as well- pink, purples, black, white, and blue- so you’ll be able to find a color that you like. These brushes would be an amazing gift! If you’re barely starting out with makeup or want more brushes, I highly recommend these. Even my friend started using Jessup brushes as an alternative to Sigma, because she enjoys the quality of the brushes. These brushes seriously look like they’re worth more than $19.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Diana Nguyen


You can buy the brushes HERE.



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