YesStyle Haul

I’ve been in love with YesStyle ever since they’ve sponsored Wong Fu’s videos, but I finally made my first purchase with them and I can honestly say that I’m so so impressed! YesStyle is an online site where you can buy Asian clothing, beauty, accessories, to lifestyle products. They sell a variety of Asian brands (including Chuu) for a reasonable price. Looking at their prices, you may be skeptical, BUT their quality isn’t cheap and is decent. I didn’t order any of their clothing items soon, but I will in the future!IMG_4666.jpg

▷ FROME: French Fries Embroidered Baseball Cap (Black and Gray)

▷ EVEN: Lettering Baseball Cap (AntiSocial Social Club Weird Hat Dupe) 

▷ FROME: Embroidered Snapping Hand Baseball Cap

The Anti Social Social Club and snapping finger (heart) is mine, and the french fries hats are my brothers. They’re so cute to wear, and I love how it’s adjustable. I had troubles getting the band into the slot, but it’s nothing too bad.


Beauty Related Items:

▷ Azalea: Cat Ear Hair Band (Black and Navy)

I love cat head bands, and this one isn’t as sturdy as the Etude House Cat Headband, but it does the job. I really love how it comes in so many different colors!

▷ TOSOWOONG: Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack

I’ve used this once, and I didn’t see a lot of gunk out which kind of disappointed me. However, I don’t think I did it right, so I will be trying it again! Check with my on Instagram to see updates on it.

▷ Secret Key: My Style Fit Eyebrow Pencil (No 01 Gray Brown) 

I have never used an actual pencil to fill in my brows, but I really like how this gives me natural, soft looking brows. It does stay put and is easy to work with.

▷ Holika Holika: Pig-Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know how much I love this! Read more about it here.


▷ Seoul Young: Double Strand Triangle Choker (Gold)

This choker is super cute! It gives a chic look to any outfit and fits comfortably around the neck. It isn’t too tight or too loose.

▷ Rinka Doll: Heart Wallet (Rose Pink)

I have been using a long wallet for so long and have been looking for a small wallet for so long. This wallet is perfect! It has three sections: the main section, coin section and one section for cards and IDs. Surprisingly, it holds so much stuff and is very spacious! Many people think it’s a Kate Spade wallet, and would have never believed that I spent less than $12 for this wallet. I feel like the quality beats the price; it’s so durable! Highly recommend this wallet if you need one!

▷ MOL Girl: Round Glasses (Gray)


These glasses are the cutest! I think this has to be one of my favorite items from this haul. It completes all my looks and gives the dorky and Harry Potter vibe. I received so many compliments on these glasses as well! The quality for these glasses are amazing. They do not scratch (they only scratched when I got an x-acto knife to try popping the lens out BAD IDEA). But other than that, it’s very well made. I put it in my bag and it does not scratch, and the frames are very sturdy! Super cute!

Overall thoughts? 

I think YesStyle has to be one of my favorite shopping sites now! It’s super affordable and their quality is on par or even better than Forever 21- for a fraction of its cost. They offer free shipping over $35 and have daily free gifts on their Instagram! It didn’t take that long for it to arrive, about 2 weeks which is normal for packages from Asia. I really enjoy all my purchases from YesStyle, and will be purchasing more from them!


5 thoughts on “YesStyle Haul

  1. I’ll have to check out that Pig Nose pack thing next time. I’m having so many issues with my blackheads >< I should order from Yesstyle sometime soon! It's been a long time since I've ordered from there. Great haul Diana 🙂


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