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Milky Dress Trill Beige Coffee Cushion in Milk Tea Latte

Hi everyone! I’m back! I’ve been packing for the school year and haven’t been able to blog much. But I’m trying to schedule a lot of post for you all! Today’s review will be on the Milky Dress Trill Beige Coffee Cushion, courtesy of @0.8L_USA and @MilkyDress. This cushion comes in two shades Milk Tea Latte, which is formulated for those with darker skin tones and hyper pigmentation, and Green Tea Latte, which is formulated for those with redness. The shade that I have is milk tea latte (M02).

This cushion claims to protect, moisturize, and give elasticity to the skin due to its three patent ingredients- amino acid complex, olrioh HA, and skinergium. It does contain coffee extract which is very beneficial to the skin and improves the appearances of wrinkles, firmness, redness, and overall texture and complexion of the skin. It’s supposed to blend easily, last long, and give your skin a nice makeup look.

The cushion itself comes in a marble like form. Even though it’s like this, it dispenses product on the puff pretty well- it doesn’t puff a full circle, but I find that I like it when a cushion pumps less product rather than more product. With this, I’m able to control the amount and coverage.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

My face still suffers from mini blemishes and redness, so I was really hoping that the cushion would be able to cover my redness (main concern). When I first applied the product, I did feel a cooling sensation. It felt really nice on the skin and noticed that it was too white for my skin tone which happens to me a lot with Korean beauty products, but I have always found a way to work around it. This one in particular had more of a gray cast and gave me an almost ghostlike appearance- not attractive. However, after about 5-10 minutes, it did oxidize and made me look less white.

This cushion gives a very nice no makeup makeup look, since my blemishes still peek through. It makes my skin look very bright and healthy, and I would just have tossed this into my everyday makeup bag if it was my actual skin tone! It doesn’t cake up throughout the day and doesn’t feel too dry on the ski; it’s pretty comfortable actually. It makes my skin look softer, smoother, and overall nicer. Really wished that it comes in a darker shade though!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Although this was sent to me for reviewing purposes, remember I always keep it 100% real with y’all. 




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