Midterm Season

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. I feel like I should update y’all on how my college experience is including midterms.

After 5 weeks, I still don’t feel like a college student. Everyone here has so much to offer to the school. You meet so many intelligent people who all have their own perspectives about different situations, allowing you to be exposed to different views- something that I wasn’t exposed to in high school. With thousands of students on campus, it’s common to feel lost. But there’s so many different organizations on campus that won’t make you feel lost and give you the feeling of a family. Even with the stress of midterms, meetings are still held to cheer you on as you prepare for the midterm.

And honestly, I still can’t believe midterms are already here. These past two weeks, instant noodles were devoured, lounges were filled, and study rooms were always taken. It’s almost impossible finding somewhere extremely quiet to study on the hill (if you don’t know, UCLA’s dorms are about a 15-20 minute walk from campus, and being lazy, I don’t want to walk back and forth to the library). But I have two more midterms to go; my last one is on November 1st! So be prepared to see more posts!

Royce Hall
Janss Steps
Powell Library

Thank you guys for still checking up on my blog and social medias! It means so much to me!



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